Payday lenders know that the road to good financial management is not always smooth. Urgent medical bills, car bills or family emergencies can get in the way of keeping your head above water financially speaking. What can you do if an emergency crops up, but you have a bad credit history? Can you get a payday advance in New Zealand even with past bad credit? As long as you are working, the short answer is yes.

A payday advance is not large and is short term so that you, the borrower, will have it repaid in a few weeks. What you do need, is a permanent, full time job with your wages paid regularly into your bank account and a regular income above a minimum threshold.

Many people today are able to take advantage of making up a shortfall between pay days using a short term, unsecured payday loan. The best part of this loan model is that the borrower has the funds for a financial emergency and can repay the loan in manageable amounts over a few weeks. Unsecured means that no collateral is required on the loan.

Even if you have a bad credit history, you still have the opportunity to manage your finances well by leveraging your guaranteed upcoming wages. In addition, the uncertainty and stress of not knowing if your bills will be paid on time and on schedule disappears.

Will a payday advance be more expensive if I have bad credit?

It’s easy to compare interest rates and fees between lenders, so it should be a simple matter to find that you’ll always get a good deal from Cash Relief. The costs are the same for everyone. Once we decide to give a loan, it’s the same interest rate and fees, regardless of credit history. We’re a responsible lender too, and that means we make sure any loan we give is right for your current situation. Loan costs from Cash Relief.

We know that it can be tough if you’ve had a bad credit rating in the past, but with Cash Relief this doesn’t stop you from getting a loan. We look at all the important aspects of your current financial situation and always do our very best to help you. We’ve helped thousands of New Zealanders manage their finances through a tight spot and come out the other end winning and will continue to do so. Even those with a bad credit history.

Imagine getting the money within 60 minutes!

Imagine making an application for a loan online, getting quick approval and having the cash in your hands in a matter of minutes. This is what a payday advance from Cash Relief offers. If you’re seeking a trusted source for prompt, friendly cash advance loans at competitive rates check out How to get a payday advance from Cash Relief.

We want to help you decide. Look in our frequently asked questions or call the team at Cash Relief. We’re based locally and owned by regular kiwis, providing cash advances since 2011, and always wanting to be the best.

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