Our interest rate is 49.5% per year or 0.1356% per day and fixed for the term of the loan. An Establishment Fee of $68.00 fee is charged for each new loan. This amount may be discounted for loans under $400 to a minimum of $42.00. An Account Administration Fee of $6.10 is applied to your loan every month, starting when the loan opens. The minimum Account Administration Fee is $6.10. A $5 fee if you choose a 60 minute transfer to your bank account. These fees are added to your loan and are counted as part of the loan when interest is calculated. This means you pay interest on the fees as well as the cash advance. There are no fees for early payment. Interest is only paid for the number of days you have the loan. This means if you only have the loan for one day then you will only pay one days interest. Please check the loan calculator to see your total repayments