Many people say that being in a relationship is expensive work. In some instances, it can be. In a new romantic relationship, many will want to spoil each other with gifts, to go out to expensive restaurants, and make memories with new experiences. Unfortunately, not everyone has the expendable cash to spoil their significant other. Although you can take out a quick loan in New Zealand, why not try these cost-effective but fun date ideas?

The Beach Is Free 

The ocean is one of the most beautiful and romantic places a couple could go together. Moreover, thankfully, it’s free! If you want to surprise your loved one, set the alarm very early the next time you’re together. They might not be happy to be awake so early, but it’ll be worth it! Pack a breakfast basket, drive to the beach and watch the sunrise. You could do the same thing at sunset, or in a park. Wherever you go, it’ll be beautiful, romantic and affordable.

Go On A Local Tour 

Joining a tour group isn’t always enjoyable for everyone, especially if the tour guide is in a rush to fit as many sightings as possible in the tour. However, turn this into a tour of your own making. Make a list of five of your favourite places to visit in the city or town that you live in, and spend the day visiting each one. Each location has history to learn about, so you can both explore the sights and learn about each other. This outing will also only cost you what you’ll need in petrol to drive there.

Have A Movie Marathon 

A popular thing for many couples to do is to veg out on the couch for as long as possible, watching movies. A movie marathon has you booked for hours, as you both watch either your favourite movies or films in a popular franchise. Whether you like Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, or films created by a particular moviemaker, what you watch is up to you. Just make sure that you have enough snacks to keep you going!

Explore The Area

Do you know what is actually in the area where you live? Most people are only aware of the necessities closest to their home. For example, where the nearest petrol station, supermarket, ATM or general store is, in relation to where they live. An excellent idea for couples on a budget would be to spend the weekend exploring your neighbourhood. What you find might surprise you, from coffee shops to art galleries. It’ll be a fun and affordable adventure.


Being unable to spoil your loved one the way you wish you could is challenging. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything fun or romantic together! Create a set budget for what you can afford together each month, and pick fun and affordable date ideas together. However, if you want to do something particularly special once in a while, you can apply for a quick loan from a lender in New Zealand. But remember the memories count, not the money.