It’s a story that’s all too familiar all around the globe. Let’s set the scene: It’s a week or two before month end, you still need to fill up on fuel and pay for your day-to-day expenses, but your money’s come up short. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, but you should still have a Plan B to fall back on. Payday loans are for people with bad credit and are a lifesaver for tough times. There’s plenty of misinformation going around concerning payday loans in NZ, so we’ve decided to set the record straight.

Fast Fact #1: The Waiting Time Is Only A Few Minutes

Long queues and waiting periods can make the process of applying for a loan frustrating. Fortunately, you can’t say the same thing about a payday loan application. It only takes a few minutes, and the money reaches you just as fast.

Fast Fact #2: Payday Loans Are Ideal If You Have A Specific Expense To Settle

Always remember that a payday loan is there to bridge the gap where you are struggling. Because it’s such a quick, short-term solution, the interest may be higher than other types of loan. If you only take on what you need, it’s easy to pay it off swiftly.

Fast Fact #3: Only Take A Payday Loan If It’s Worth It In Your Situation

Overall, it’s up to you to evaluate the extent to which you need this type of loan and for how much. If you’re running behind on an auto or mortgage repayment, making up for it with a payday loan might cost less than missing the payment altogether.

Fast Fact #4: Make Sure You’ll Be Able To Repay The Loan On Time

Payday loans will require a repayment plan. Only commit if you’re sure you’ll be able to meet the repayments. If not, it can increase the amount of money you owe to the lender.

Fast Fact #5: A Payday Loan Isn’t The Same As Going To A Loan Shark

Lenders like Cash Relief are professional financial institutions. We operate within a sound legal framework, so your rights as a consumer are always protected too.

If you need a quick fix for your immediate financial woes, you’re at the right place. We offer payday loans, even if you have bad credit, so contact Cash Relief today.