With a bad credit history it can be very difficult to be borrow money, and therefore how do you rebuild your credit history? Just because you have gone through some difficult times with your cash flow and made some mistakes along the way doesn’t mean that this is going to happen again. Once you are out of your rough patch and looking for a loan for a car, boat, holiday or whatever, how can you ever get a loan again?
Banks and other personal loan lenders often take one look at your credit history and instantly dismiss your application for a cash loan. They are attempting to look into the future and assess your ability to repay a large amount of money over a long period of time. They see that have experienced repayment problems in the past and decide that the risk is too high.

Applying for a bad credit loan is different. At Cash Relief we do look at you credit history, however the process works very differently. We are not trying to access your long term reliability, we need only determine your ability to pay off a small sum over a short period. We look for regular income and sensible management of your money over a recent period of time.

When we check your credit history, we have an open mind. We appreciate you may have gone through some financial difficulties and will not dismiss your application out of hand. Ultimately we are here to help you get through an emergency or unexpected expense and if we believe that you have the ability to meet the repayments, your application for an instant cash loan is likely to be approved. We do however reserve the right to decline applications where bad credit history indicates that you will not be able to meet repayments which would put both you and us in a difficult situation.

Once you have used Cash Relief for your first payday loan and successfully repaid it, you will begin to build a relationship with us based on trust. This means that we may increase your loan limit after 3 payday loans if an emergency arises in the future. This gives you a chance to rebuild your credit history, taking out larger loans and proving that you only borrow what you need and have the ability to meet your cash flow commitments.

After a few successful small loans from us your credit rating will begin to improve and you may find yourself in a situation where you are eligible to apply for a larger personal loan. With a good record with us we may be able to help out by providing a reference to other lenders indication the reliability that we have experienced in our relationship with you.

For your first payday loan from Cash Relief you can apply for up to $200. We have very clear repayment schedules so that you know exactly what you need to pay and when. Ultimately, you are the only person who can truly assess your ability to make repayments so ensure that you will be able to meet these to build our relationship.