Power prices always seem to be going up so look at these 10 simple things you can do to save on your power bill.

1. Set the temperature controller on your hot water heater to a lower level.

2. Cold wash your clothes in the washing machine – don’t use hot water and only do full loads

3. Switch your TV, Sky Decoder, DVD player off at the wall. Use a multibox so only need turn off 1 switch

4. When finished using your computer, turn it off as well as turning off the monitor. Also reduces the chance of viral attacks

5. Instead of using the dry cycle on your dishwasher, hand dry the dishes as you put them away the next day

6. Short showers use less water and electricity than baths

7. When you buy a new appliance, get the most energy efficient one

8. Ensure all your light bulbs in the house are energy efficient ones

9. In winter close the curtains early to keep warm in and stop it escaping through windows.

10. Make sure your house has good insulation in ceiling and floor. If not ask your landlord to install it.

For more ideas or to see if you can save money on your power bill visit What’s My Number …. http://whatsmynumber.org.nz

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