Imagine it’s the middle of the night, and after hearing a strange banging noise, you realise that your floors are covered in a pool of water because your geyser has burst. Or you’re driving home late on a Saturday evening after spending time with family, and your tire has a blowout. It’s the middle of the month, and you have no idea how you’re going to pay for repairs or replacements. It’s also after standard banking hours, but you need a solution right now.

When disaster strikes, it’s never at a convenient time or place. So what can you do when you’re short of money and need a lifeline, yesterday? Here you’ll see how you can access a cash loan without delay. Even if you don’t need one right now, it’s good to keep on hand for the future – just in case.

Getting A Loan

Many places promise to get you cash quickly and easily, but in most cases, you’ll find that their ‘fast’ cash loans involve a waiting period from when you apply for the loan, to the moment that the cash is released into your bank account. And while that is ok for non-emergencies, you might have a situation where you don’t have the time to fill out lengthy applications, wait in queues, or even get to a bank. This makes getting a loan a bit harder than you’d like.

The Convenience Of Getting A Loan Online

You have a laptop, and you have a mobile phone. So why can’t you apply for a loan online? With some financial service providers, you have the option of applying online. This means that from the comfort of your own home (at any time of the day or night) you can apply for a cash loan. When it’s a small amount of emergency cash that you need immediately, Cash Relief can have a loan deposited into your account within 60 minutes. No need to wait for that leak to get worse or to have to beg friends or colleagues for a lift to and from work.

Through quick and easy online applications at Cash Relief, you can get the cash you need when the emergency strikes all across New Zealand. Accidents don’t wait to happen, so why should you have to wait ages to solve them?