Cash Relief looks at bad credit history with understanding

At Cash Relief, we acknowledge that bad credit history may be the result of situations that can’t easily be fixed or changed. We understand that from time to time difficulties can lead to payment defaults. But, understand this, there is no reason or law that implies bad credit history should be punished for life.

Most traditional lenders are very strict about lending to someone who has a bad credit rating and have automatic systems in place to decline a loan application without even being reviewed by a human being. At Cash Relief, we believe this is unfair and that everyone deserves a chance. Our staff will work with you and help you achieve cash relief.

Why is Cash Relief different?

It’s important to us is that you can demonstrate sound management of your money now, and into the future. Our staff manually carry out a responsible suitability assessment, in which we look at each individual case and, where possible, provide a financial solution that suits your needs and objectives. We will work together with you and try to find a solution that is right for you. This does not mean your loan is guaranteed, we need to be a responsible lender and give you a fair go.

Does Cash Relief check credit history?

Once we have carried out a preliminary assessment of each loan application, we then request a credit report from Centrix. The credit check is a standard part of the process, but we also take into consideration your current financial position and how you manage your finances by looking at recent bank statements, before making a decision. We try every possible way to give you a fair go.

Bad credit loans NZ with Cash Relief

We take an understanding approach to people with a less than perfect credit history. We appreciate that bad credit history is the result of circumstances and not a permanent state of affairs.

As a responsible lender, our suitability assessment looks at each individual case with a view of trying to provide a loan solution that suits the applicants needs and requirements.

The cost of bad credit loans nz

The cost of our bad credit loans is very competitive and often much cheaper than most payday loan providers. Check out our Costs page for more details.

By way of comparison, a $500 payday bad credit loan paid back over 6 weeks from a typical payday loan provider costs about $230. Compare this to the cost from Cash Relief of $118. A saving of more than $110!

Cash Relief takes care not to provide you with a loan that is not suitable for your financial situation. We present all fees and charges to you before you sign a contract. Our company does not charge an early termination fee. This means, the sooner you can repay the loan, the more interest you will save.