When you think about where your money is going every month, you usually only consider significant bills such as rent, insurance and car payments. However, if you’re running out of money when you shouldn’t be, you should consider the fact that small, everyday expenses are eating into your money. Fortunately, you can rely on fast cash loans in NZ for when you need cash quickly. For now, save some money on these items that cost too much.


Anyone could save money on toiletries and cleaning products. Products such as shampoos, moisturisers and other toiletries can be costly. You might think that you need brand names, but you don’t. Cheaper shampoo and conditioner works just as well as branded products which are triple the price. Look at generic brands and more affordable products.

Buying in bulk is also more cost-effective – you’ll need to get into the habit of refilling empty bottles of hand handwash, detergents, cleaning products, body washes and lotions.

Processed And Packaged Foods

Look around in your fridge and kitchen cupboards. There are cheaper alternatives to your favourite foods available; you just need to know where to find them. Heavily processed foods are expensive because more resources have gone into preparation and packaging. Look for more affordable products that are similar.

Remember, if you wanted to save money, you could buy food which has been processed less, or which comes with little packaging. Excessive packaging might protect the food inside; however, it drives up the price.

Electronics And Entertainment

When you’re struggling to make ends meet, you have to let go of luxury expenses. When you’re in survival mode, you don’t need evening entertainment. Your finances should go toward rent, food and other essentials. If your television/sky/netflix bill is too high, you can cancel the subscription, use an alternate plan, and save.

Electronics are also luxury items. Do you really need a new kitchen appliance? You might be spending money on things you won’t use at all. Before you buy a food processor or new webcam, think about how often you’ll use it, and if the purchase can wait until you’re in a better financial position.


Being behind on bills, or coming up short before your next paycheck, can be stressful. The last thing you need is an emergency. Fortunately, you can rely on fast cash loans in NZ for an immediate solution when you need it most. In the meantime, work on trying to save money on small purchases which are expensive and unnecessary. You might find yourself in a better financial position than before.