There are is a vast range of reasons why you are have trouble saving in this fast paced 21st century, the world is now full of debt, be it personal, business and even debt as a nation.

Common phrases that we hear all around us living our lives today include loans, overdrafts, debt, cash advances, interest rates, compounding interest, credit checks, repayments, personal loans, payday loans, default payments, consolidation, late payment penalty, deferred payment… the list goes on!

So why is it so hard to save?

The answer is simple… We want it and we want it now! The problem with this is not just that we want it, but it is easy to get. Technology makes getting a small loan quick and simple, most loan lenders will have an online application form that they will process almost immediately, so why would you wait?

The answer… You wait because it will save you money! When you save your cash, you not only avoid loan fees including the establishment fees, interest charges and any late penalties incurred, but you will actually earn on what you are able to save. This means that in the time that you are saving towards your purchase, you will be able to make interest on what you have managed to save in the meantime!

Once you are in the habit of saving it will be hard to go back. Earning interest, buying goods straight up with no additional costs, no applications, and no stress about meeting payments are all benefits of saving towards your goals that are just too good to be missed!

Having said all of this, there are situations where a loan is necessary. Unexpected problems and emergencies are situations where you cannot wait to save up the money. Emergency medical and dental treatments and car repairs are good examples of where taking the time to save isn’t an option.

This is where a payday loan can come in handy. These are small, very short term loans of up to $600 which need to be paid back within a maximum of six weeks. They can help you to quickly and easily get yourself out of a tight spot, whilst also avoiding long term debt.

In an emergency, apply for a small online cash loan from Cash Relief. Keep in mind all of the benefits that you will receive by saving, so for non emergencies, give it a go!