Interest Rates

You will always know the total cost of your cash advance upfront. There are no surprises and no hidden costs. You can use our loan calculator to try out different options before you apply.

To qualify, you’re after tax income must be over $450 per week. The maximum you can borrow on a first time loan is 30% of your net income but no more than $600.

What is an Annual Interest Rate (AIR)?

The Annual Interest Rate is a finance charge expressed as an annual rate and describes the interest rate for a whole year. The AIR seems high and this is because it is annualised over a 12 month period. Our loans are strictly short term with a maximum term of 42 days, however our average term is 31 days.

The easy way to explain it is to assume you were to stay in a hotel for $175 per night. It’s OK for a couple of nights but if you stay for a year it will cost you $63,875 or $1,228 per week. Clearly a hotel is not the right choice for long term accommodation.

Here’s an example of our charges

The fees and charges for a short term $250 cash loan repaid over a three week period.

Loan Amount $250
Total Fees $30
Interest $67.00
Total Cost $347.00
Schedule of Payments
Week 1 $115.40
Week 2 $115.67
Week 3 $115.66
Total Charges $97.00
Interest Rate (AIR) 1.63% per day or 595% per annum


Note: You can repay early at no additional cost and only be charged up till you pay in full. These figures are approximate only; refer to Loan Agreement for final amounts.

Short term payday loans are only designed for bridging the gap when an emergency may occur. They are not designed as a long term lending solution. You should seek independent advice before you apply if you do not understand your obligations or have any concerns.

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