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The Banks Might Not Get It But We Do

For most people seeking a payday loan, there are two things in short supply. Money and time. We understand that many of our cash advances are made to people who need to pay for something in a hurry, and that’s why we’re here. To provide cash with a minimum of hassle and delay, and help someone get out of a tight spot as quickly as possible.

To date, we’ve helped thousands of Kiwis in exactly the same way. And the majority of those people have come to us because they feel intimidated by the thought of asking their bank for help. Their feelings are justified. Banks don’t make it easy to secure a small loan in a hurry. They require far more paperwork than we do and often ask an applicant to go into a branch – which is a bit difficult to do when that branch is closed over the weekend. All this makes for a very time-consuming process, and when the clock is ticking and something needs to be paid sooner rather than later, it can become a very frustrating and stressful exercise.

Furthermore, banks will often decline a loan application within seconds if someone’s credit history is poor. While we don’t see a bad credit rating as ideal, we tend to look at someone’s overall situation instead of just their history. So even though we can’t guarantee that every loan application will be successful, we’ll still consider it regardless of the person’s circumstances.

Of course, banks and other financial institutions like to make out that they’re the only reputable sources for loans, and often dismiss companies like ours as charging too much interest and not being as upright as they are. But the fact is, Cash Relief is a legitimate, Government registered lender and our interest rates are significantly lower than most other short term lenders. When one of our loans is paid off by the agreed date, the interest charges are very affordable, And, unlike most banks, we make it easy to apply online 24/7, with no scanning or faxing involved.

So while we’re often thought of as less-worthy players in the lending industry, we’re actually proud of what we do and the service we provide. It’s certainly far less intimidating to apply for a loan with us, and much easier. Best of all, we actually help people when they most need it. A payday loan can get people back on track, and that’s why it shouldn’t be thought of as a bad thing. It’s a good way to get out of a pickle and then move on, so contact us today and we’ll do our best to help.


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