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Same Day Loans NZ

Did you know you can borrow money and get it on the same day?

Help! Where can you get a same day loan? It’s an emergency and you need the money today – not tomorrow or next week. Your bank account is empty and it’s days until your next payday. You’ve tried to borrow from other sources, but they can’t help right now. Here’s a suggestion – look no further than Cash Relief who specialize in lending fast cash loans to those in need. If you’re working full time and your income after tax is more than $450 per week, you stand a good chance of qualifying for a small cash loan.

What is meant by a Same Day Loan?

A same day loan means you get the money in your bank account on the same day you apply for it, and often within a few hours. It does not mean it has to be paid back the same day. The beauty of a cash advance from Cash Relief is the payments can be spread over the next few weeks, starting from your next payday. By paying off the amount borrowed, including interest and fees over several installments, the cost of the loan is much more manageable.

How quick is same day?

The team at Cash Relief strive to get your loan to you as quick as possible. However, certain things must be done first so they can be sure the loan is right for you. If all the information is provided on the application form, including bank statements and photo ID, the loan can be advanced within a matter of hours. Since the Cash Relief office closes at 4:30pm each weekday, applications for same day loans must be received before 3:30pm for the money to be transferred on the same day. Otherwise, the application will be processed on the following working day. If you need the money within an hour, and Express Payment charge is applied to expedite the money to your bank account. This service takes advantage of the inter-bank facility to transfer funds from one bank to another quickly.

What information is needed on the application form?

As well as your personal details, contact information and consent to process your application, you need to provide proof of ID and bank statements. Cash Relief’s fast technology allows all these things to happen online. All you need to have on hand is your driver license or passport details, your bank account number and the ability to log in to your bank account. Cash Relief does the rest. Once approved you will be asked to digitally sign a credit contract so make sure you stand by your email, ready to reply to a request from Cash Relief.

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