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Small Cash Loans NZ

When would one of these be useful?

There are many things in life that turn out to useful from time to time. Some of us are hoarders and we tend to hang on to small stuff that others would throw away without another thought. So why do we retain small things? The answer is we think they might be useful sometime in the future.

Something that most of us have difficulty retaining is money. No matter how hard we try, it just seems to disappear from our wallets and bank accounts. Looking back, we can see how it was spent, but that’s no consolation if we need a few hundred dollars and there’s nothing left in the kitty. This is when a small cash loan may be just what you need.

Small loans need to be quick

The advantage of using Cash Relief to help meet an urgent need for a fast cash loan is the simplicity and speed with which the money can be deposited in any NZ bank account. Provided all the qualifying criteria are met, and the application is approved, you can get a same-day loan from us deposited in your bank account within 60 minutes.

Such a loan is sometimes referred to as a cash advance and this is when a small amount of money is lent to you before your next payday, and then you pay it back with interest over the next few weeks. The payments can be made up of several installments to help ease cash flow and not put too much pressure on your next pay. It can be a worry if most of your next payment goes towards paying off a loan – spreading the payments helps avoid this. Because small loans are only for a short period, the interest rate can be quite high compared to bank rates. But don’t be alarmed about the rate, it’s the total amount to be repaid you need to consider. You can see how much a loan could cost you by using the calculator on our Costs page. It’s probably a reasonable amount to pay for ease and convenience.

How do you get a loan from Cash Relief?

Cash Relief provides micro cash loans and has helped thousands of Kiwis who urgently need some financial help. To borrow from us, ensure you meet the following criteria before you make a loan application:

  • Earn at least $450 after tax per week from paid employment (this salary must be deposited in an NZ bank account)

  • Live in New Zealand

  • Be over the age of 18 years of age

  • Since everything is done online, borrowers must have an active email ID and mobile phone.

To apply for a loan, click on the link below and get started!


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