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Why Cash Relief is the smart choice

Cash Relief is the Smart Choice

  • NO hidden costs, we are open and up front so you know what it is going to cost before your loan is approved.

  • Unlike some credit providers we want you out of debt quickly. We make money when you repay us on time, not by continually extending a growing line of credit to you. Cash Relief doesn’t endlessly roll your balance from month to month and we will only approve limited extensions when we feel it is in your best interest.

  • Our clients are responsible, that’s right, we only lend to hard working employed Kiwi’s who are smart and able to make good decisions. They are NOT desperate or low income people. Our customers just want a little extra credit to smooth their finances occasionally.

  • Cash Relief uses smart technology, to make sure you can afford to repay on time. A $300 cash advance can’t turn into a big debt. We make affordable, flexible arrangements and minimise charges for overdue clients.

  • ONLY short term loans, our maximum loan term is only 42 days and we want you to repay quickly so you can get out of debt and on with your life.

  • Open and up front, we tell you exactly what the cost will be before your loan is approved. You know exactly what you will be charged. Before applying you can play with the online calculator. Once your loan is approved you will get a confirmation email outlining payments dates and amounts, plus reminder emails before payments are due. We welcome any questions any time.

  • Fast & convenient, new customers can be approved within 60 minutes and get your cash paid into your account overnight. Existing customers can get instant approval.

  • GET RID OF THE LOAN SHARKS. Yes we welcome any regulations or compliance which protect you as the consumer and ensures that the unscrupulous providers can’t take advantage of people in need.


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