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Payday Advance

Pay Day Advance in New Zealand

When you just need a few hundred dollars to help with cash flow until your next pay, you can apply for a Payday Advance from a reputable money lender.

Lots of people need a helping hand from time to time and an extra bit of money borrowed comes in handy just when you need it.

Payday advances are also known as payday loans or short term loans and sometimes come in for unfair criticism from certain people. If used properly, a payday advance can be the ideal money solution.

But be aware, payday advances are an expensive way to borrow money and should only be used occasionally and for short periods because the interest rate is higher than traditional bank loans. To this end, loans from Cash Relief must be paid back within 6 weeks.

Most of the time, people are prepared to pay extra for the convenience of getting a small amount of cash quickly into their bank account. After all it’s very easy and only for a short time.

Some things to look out for when considering a payday advance are the extra charges that can be added on, such as direct debit fees, establishment fees and missed or changed payment fees. And it’s a good idea to pay it off as quickly as you can – you save on the amount of interest to be paid.

A payday advance from Cash Relief is fast and simple to do, even for new customers who can be approved within 60 minutes during normal business hours. If you’ve had a loan with Cash Relief, approval is almost instant. You can borrow up to $600 and the repayments can be spread over several paydays, but for no longer than 6 weeks. This type of loan requires no security and can be used for anything, but we don’t recommend it be used as an ongoing source of credit. That is, you should not borrow a payday advance loan, pay it back and immediately borrow again. Continually doing this, time after time, is an expensive way to manage your finances.

The good thing is, a payday advance can all be done online. Everything from the application process, to verifying your identity, checking your bank statements, advancing the cash and paying the money back is all online. No scanning, faxing or signing forms.

Taking out a small loan and paying it back on time can help you improve your credit rating too. These days, many institutions are noting good payers and not just defaulting payers as in the past.

Concerned about bad credit?

Click on the link below to see how Cash Relief deals with people who have bad credit

Can I get a payday advance if I have bad credit?.


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